Leather Blaster Holster

When I made by Star Wars Blaster, I always knew I wanted to make a holster. Theres an undeveloped thought in my mind I didn’t realize until I started this project that a holster has to first off, be shown alongside a blaster like this, and second, has to be just as cool as the blaster itself. I started just like you would think I would, by looking at the holsters of my favorite characters and drawing inspiration from their holsters to make mine. This meant using the two blaster holsters that inspired by original blaster build, that of Han Solo and Jyn Erso.

I looked at the shaped holster that Han has and took inspiration from Jyn’s belt straps to start off. I really did make a mash up of Han and Jyn’s blaster to make mine, but I’d say this holster is a much larger deviation, which I personally like. The shapes were made to feel like Star Wars, and be practical… Which is also pretty Star Wars… But I wanted this to be STRONG. I had never done leatherwork before, but I started by using 9-10oz leather, about 3mm thick, but works great. I also wanted to use all the techniques a real leatherworker would use, no short cuts, no compromises, which drove up prices, but also meant I had more tools and materials to use in future leather projects. (I have made a list of all the tools and materials I used in the description of my build video on YouTube, it is linked at the bottom of the page.)

This was a hard project to complete, I didn’t eat or drink anything for 10 hours while I worked, I was in the zone, I loved it. But it looks and works pretty good. There are plenty of flaws, this is my first time doing leatherwork after all, but I wrote a very detailed procedure and did hours and hours of leather working research to make sure I had all the information I needed to start working and to get to the end with a project I was happy with. Despite the care I took, I did make a few mistakes. The whole thing was supposed to be dyed brown, but I accidentally applied a waterproof edge slicker to the leather, and even worse, got little fingerprints of the stuff all over the thing. That means that if I had tried to add dye it would have been all spotty. Learned that lesson, that’s for sure. However, I like the un dyed look of the thing, and I gotta say, the way it has gotten dirty over the last few months is great, feels like it fits the universe far better now.

You can see a more detailed depiction of the build in my how to video below. Thanks!

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