Leather Blaster Holster

After finishing my custom Star Wars blaster build, the obvious next step was to construct a genuine leather holster. I had never done leather work before this project and I didn’t start easy, but after about 50 hours of research and 10 hours if drafting patterns and writing procedures, I had been more than prepared for my project. Leatherwork is one of the only crafts that I would say has mostly been figured out. There will be a new tool or idea every once in a while, but really, we pretty much know how this stuff works. We know how leather behaves what you can use it for and the techniques that can be applied to attain certain things you want to do. But obviously, even with that much research, you can still mess up a bit.

I started by drafting a pattern, which went through several iterations before I landed on the one I did. The design is NOT conventional, and I didn’t consider I until it was my last option, but it turned out great. The idea of having a center post sticking out of a holster has never really been recommended. To quickly draw and holster your blaster, there need to be few obstructions, and having a one and a half inch wide section of leather in the way of the main compartment would seem counter intuitive. But when I wet molded it (more on that later) the post stayed in the place I needed it to and was extremely easy to get around. It also added to the non conventional but familiar look of Star Wars perfectly.

After I had created a design, I made a rough pattern, then I straightened out the lines, and lastly transferred the final template onto card stock to make it sturdy. I also wrote up a procedure following the things I had learned about leatherwork, which worked well. With that I was ready to get to work.

I ordered the needed tools for the project and ordered a 12″x 24″ 10oz veg tan leather panel for the entirety of the project. Veg tan is a sturdy naturally treated leather that has the ability to be wet molded, letting it form to a shape and dry holding that shape, letting it cantor to a complex shape like this blaster. It fits into place well when fully inserted into the holster and makes a satisfying shuck sound when drawn, all of that thanks to the wet molding.

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