The Fraud from Trandosha: Liar’s Dice Sabacc Variant

This is a Sabacc variant I made that is basically an adaption of the game Liar’s Dice. I have done my best to round out the rules, making them clear and easy to follow, and have added a few different variations and play styes to keep gameplay interesting. I’ve loved Liar’s Dice ever since I saw that iconic scene between Davy Jones and Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, and I have probably logged at least 50 hours playing it in Red Dead Redemption. I think bringing it into card form for the Star Wars Universe is a great fit, and it translates suprisingly well with how the cards are formatted!

The style I went for in terms of design was a sophisticated but unprofessional look, implying the rules were written by someone who was smart, but not high class. The various notes of different colors are supposed to tell a story of the rules being passed around a bunch of different times over the years, with various players contributing to them and adding new ways to play, with the green stamp and the yellow sticker being seals of approval from the Outer Rim Sabacc League verifying this to be an official variant of the game. Credit for the Outer Rim Sabacc League logo goes to 3DN-RA on Redbubble and the art of the Trandoshan is from the book Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Fly Casual. I hope you enjoy your game and earn some spare credits while you’re at at!