Hello There!

Aye, welcome to my website! I’ve had this for a long while now and it wasn’t until just recently that I’ve been really picking up speed with various projects and things I’ve been doing that I’d like to share and compile into one source. I would really like this place to be a representation of what I can do when I have a genuine spike of interest in a project or story or any other kind of thing I choose to partake in. I’ve been really considering what I’d even want to put up on here, and after almost 3 years, and lots of developments, I’ve pretty much decided it:

  • Detailed breakdowns of my thought processes for my prop builds and other projects
  • My written procedures I make for my props and projects
  • Links to my YouTube videos where you can see me build my projects
  • Podcast episodes and other audio related projects
  • The few written stories I’ve written that I feel genuinely proud of
  • Written film analysis pieces ranging from long thought out mind blowing essays to tissue thin “argumentative essays” about smaller more obscure subjects
  • Links to my other resources and outlets I run
  • And pretty much whatever else comes to me

I want to be able to look at this website and really be like “This is the definitive, like, thing, right here.” You know? I want it to be one of those things where you open it up and it’s just this explosion of information and builds and thoughts that can hopefully provide something for the people reading, listening, and watching, and arguably more important, to me. Hopefully you enjoy this site, and I hope you get something from it. And hopefully I will too.

Thank you!

Will Hamilton

August 1st, 2020

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